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PROGRAMS enables people with results driven education programs to succeed at every level of a construction company, from anywhere in the United States.  We aim to drive higher incomes, faster, and more cost effective than the traditional career pats. 

Contractor CFO

8-week training program for construction business owners looking for a hands-on, real world approach to their accounting practices, tax saving opportunities, software systems, Quickbooks, reporting, processes and much more to help you become a financially savvy entrepreneur and build a successful contracting or trade business.

This program takes an individual from ground zero to learning the fundamentals of accounting and tax, alongside developing the skills to become a successful small business owner.

A Deeper Look Inside Contractor CFO



The Contractor CFO Program Materials will take an individual from ground zero to learn accounting and tax, alongside also developing the skills to become a successful business owner - service creation, mindset, pricing, sales, marketing and lead generation, internal firm workflow, etc.

This will speed up the process for the individual to become an accountant and valuable small business advisor.



Throughout your time within the Contractor CFO Program, you will run into roadbumps and will need help along your way. This is where the elite Construction Community comes into play.

With fellow qualified contracting and trade consultants, you will be amongst the top Construction Professionals in the industry willing to help you overcome your hurdles and get you on the right path to becoming a successful business owner.


We, at Synergeant know that every individual learns in a different capacity. Whether it be visual, audio, online or in-person we want to include a fully comprehensive program to give you the best possible chance for success.

Therefore, included with the Contractor CFO Program, you will be allowed access to a small educational training center where you will dive deeper into the program materials and receive answers to any questions asked in person from the Expert Coaches on sight.


Each week, the Contractor CFO program includes an opportunity for you to have any of your questions answered, on demand. There are currently 2 different 1 hour open Question & Answer sessions with the Expert Coaches to help you with whatever you are currently struggling with.

On top of the Live Q&A calls, we record the sessions and grant you access to previous recordings which includes hours of additional content and educational training.


We, at Synergeant have engaged highly sought after Contractors, HR Professionals, Marketers, CFOs and Financial Consultants to help contribute their specific industry knowledge to the Contractor CFO Community.

Therefore, we have throughout the program materials and open Q&A, the opportunity to interact with the Expert Coaches and be able to ask them any questions you may run across in your journey to becoming a successful contractor.

The Future of Construction Accounting Training

For many reasons, outsourcing isn't always the answer our clients are looking for.  And even if you aren't hands-on with your own financials, it's still an aspect of the business that all construction entrepreneurs need to master to make it to the next level.  We've created a comprehensive, easy to use program with hundreds of hours of training videos for the sole purpose of helping our customers grow their income (bigger), in less time (faster), for the least amount of time and money investment possible (cost effective).

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers are raving about how Synergeant's services has helped them focus on growing their business.

Tom and his team are the best! I love how accessible they are if I have questions or need some direction for my business. They have streamlined by books and make tax time so easy. Highly recommend!

Dr. Lauren Sporrer | Springboard

We had Synergeant come in after concerns with our current bookkeeping service were raised.  In short order they found several inconsistencies in our books, and made us aware of their findings, which confirmed our concerns.   If you want a firm you can depend on to take care of your books, look no further…  If you are reading this review then you have already found Synergeant!


Mike Shaffer | Monarch Sign & Graphics

When we started working with Synergeant we had Excel spreadsheets.  After bringing them on for monthly CFO services, Tom and his team have moved us from ​no financials at all to Quickbooks Online, with Coconstruct, Receipt Bank, and all the training we needed to use it all.

Johnathan Miller | Miller Custom Builders

I would highly recommend to work with Tom if you are a business owner who wants to be on top of his game and be able to make business decisions fast and based on precise, cloud based accounting.

Edit Farris | Powerhouse Consulting

After working really hard in 2017 and 18' we started to really see the efforts pay off and the business was growing!  We did $5M in 2017 and big projects put us on track for $10M in 2018!  But our financial systems started to buckle under the growth and we didn't know what software to grow into, or if we should add more people.  Tom's team gave us a roadmap to success and now my office staff are focused on supporting our clients again.

Bill Majank |Precision General Contractors

Our margins were about 10%... but our estimator's spreadsheets were estimating 30%.  We knew something was wrong, but had no way of zeroing in on the problem.  Now that we have job costing, we can look at the expenses for each job and we found that material prices had creeped up on us significantly in 2017 and 2018!

Tom Signot | Advanced Builders

Working with Synergeant has been a huge boost to my business.  They have given us systems, processes, procedures, and numerous tools to grow the business.  Our CFO also works on our banking relationships to get funding that has really helped increase cash flow so we can take on bigger jobs.

James Cooper | All Service Striping

Tiffany and her team watch out for everything that we do.  Our tax structure wasn't right for 2018 so she worked to put together a tax plan to save us money for this year and for each and every year following that.  Plus, we refiled 2017 and I got a refund from the taxes I overpaid that year, too.

Randy Redmon | Redmon Heating & Air

I brought Synergeant onboard to ensure we started our business with good financial information and to maintain those records for us.  After 2 years, they are still doing a fantastic job of keeping our information gathered up and safe.

Larry Heighington | DUCATUM LLC